Guide to POTS

Hoping this makes a confusing chronic illness diagnosis easier

Inflamed Optic Nerve

What it feels like: sharp or dull pain in your eye / behind your eye every time you move it. 

What Causes It?

The number one cause of Inflamed Optic Nerve is MS. What a joy! If you have an Inflamed optic nerve you will be immediately whisked away for an MRI. If they do not find lesions on your brain signifying MS then you will probably see a specialized ophthalmologist who will probably find nothing and have no ideas for you. So overall they have no clue.

Solutions I’ve Found

Wearing sunglasses helps with light sensitivity. Not driving at night when it flares up can help as well.  I was given antibiotics for it but I did not think they helped. I find this is something that flares up for a week or so at a time rather than being constant.

Further Reading

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