Guide to POTS

Hoping this makes a confusing chronic illness diagnosis easier


Standing and walking and standing and walking can be difficult for people with POTS. Here are some tips to help you get through a shopping trip.

Take Breaks

Walking and standing can be challenging for someone with POTS. Plan to take frequent breaks when you’re not feeling well. Sitting on benches can be helpful. If possible, take breaks while others are still shopping in a particular store, so you don’t miss out too much.

Stop for Food

Taking a break for food is another great way to rest while sitting. Instead of rushing through the food court, find a table at a sit-down restaurant. Not only will you have a longer and more relaxed break than at the food court, but water is usually free at restaurants.

Plan Your Itinerary

If you’re going to a large mall or outlet center, choose a few stores and plan a good path. Avoid going to a store near the beginning, then traversing the entire place, only to find the third store is next to the first one. If you can plan and map out your route, you’ll have more energy and do better.


If there are many stores or options to choose from, prioritize the ones you want to visit. Make an A list and a B list if necessary.

Don’t Carry Too Much

If you have to carry heavy bags for a long distance, you’ll quickly become tired. Bring a backpack, use a cart, or return to the car to drop off items. Try to lighten your load as much as possible so you can last longer.

Online Pickup

Worst comes to worst order online, get delivery to your door or do pick up.

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